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Drapanias is a big village rich with complex social structure and many social, agricultural and recreational activities. Located 31 km. West of the city of Chania.

Nothing can compare to the magnificent landscape of the valley and the bay of Kissamos, where we can admire the hillocks of Digali. The incredible view from up there is breathtaking. The rotation of the color has turned into a painting.

To know the drill, you should visit him throughout the year.

Summer to swim in the clear blue waters of Myrtilos to lie on beaches and to enjoy the beautiful scent of lily under the trees. The winter amazed with the sun and rain, and snow-covered yellow roses and orange blossom, in the courtyards of houses. N 'ascend to "long cave" to scare the exit bats from the caves, to hear the echo of your voice and to enjoy the green of the valley on all shades and light blue gulf.

To plow away the center of the village, to pass narrow streets with damaged building and remember the passage of conquerors and scattered stones to remind you the suffering of the Second World War.

To meet old dilapidated houses, with still intact arches, some restored with multicolored flowers, until you get to the Namibia well, covered with climbing plants and scattered beautifully chipped cantons and relief from the mansions of the Venetians here and there.

Hear Byzantine hymns in one of the chapels of the village, Cretan traditional instruments and breathe smells of herbs, shrubs and citrus. Sit under a vineyard and hear an octogenarian to tell you how the midwife-Darling Caine years helped to bring the children into the world and how he kept alive after the bathed with saline.

Going down would meet, Turkish traces the tower of Chinese. Going east, the tweets of young children of the school will be to bring back years. But if you were in the soiree held each year on June 24, in the school yard, they would take part in the traditional custom "Klidona" and have fun saying 'prophetic' serenades.
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